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Have you gotten tired of the hike in utility bills? Some people often get tired of paying different bills such as electricity bills, gas bills, etc., at different times and expensive rates. They sometimes wish that all their bills can become a single bill. Utility Warehouse offers just that.

Utility Warehouse is like a utility bill discount club where club members pay for their bills at club rates. Utility Warehouse offers broadband, electricity, gas, home phone, and mobile phone services all at pocket-friendly prices. The services rendered by Utility Warehouse are world-class. And guess what? Joining as a member is free-of-charge. The modus operandi of Utility Warehouse is all itemized and all clear, especially for a wife who is keen on her husband’s spending. For you to kick out, the big bills, choose Utility Warehouse today.


It is a question that anyone would ask before switching from a brand to another. So, let’s take a good look at them. We offer our members three significant benefits:

  • SAVINGS – We help our members to save. The higher the value a customer derives from us, the more they save.
  • SIMPLICITY – We aid our members in keeping it simple so that they can keep track of all their utility bills in just one monthly bill.
  • SERVICE – We are multiple award-winning outfits in the area of Customer Service and Satisfaction, especially from our team based in the UK.

Being part of our team as a member of Utility Warehouse, you can enjoy the following core benefits:

  • Online CashBack & our CashBack card
  • Our freephone customer service numbers
  • A single monthly bill
  • Free calls to UW landlines and mobiles
  • Clubhouse & Member App
  • Energy Price Guarantee
  • Refer a Friend scheme
  • Bill Protector

Apart from those listed above, if you are moving as a Utility Warehouse member you get supplied with electrical appliances such as LED bulbs of excellent quality as much as 1,000 pounds. Utility Warehouse has a unique home movers team, and as such, we will aid you in getting your home insurance with much ease. Also, using the services of Utility Warehouse, you can save as much as 450 pounds annually off your utility bills because you are going to pay at pocket-friendly rates.

Utility Warehouse provides you with three tariffs to pick from and a Feed-in Tariff.

These value tariffs are meant to be at least cheaper by 0.5% when compared with the ‘Big Six.’ Gold energy’s tariff is at least less expensive by 2.5% while Double Gold is at least 5% when compared to the same ‘Big Six.’